Back to reality after a week in Crete! – Pine and Oak Office Furniture

A week away in Crete relaxing, as much as one can with 2 young children, and back to reality it is.  I visited the Bromley Expo yesterday and went to 2 interesting workshops on ‘Brand Bucket’ and social media networking.

So what did I pick up from the expo to take back with me to Owen Pine and Oak.  It seems that blogs are the way forward, make them witty, make them funny, offer advice, minimum 300 words, link them in, share them, the list seemed endless!!

Well here goes:-

The only advice I can give at the moment is buy quality furniture if you want it to last.  Your furniture should last you a lifetime.

I am writing this on a desk in my office at home that I have had since I was doing my GCSE’s.  It went to university with me, back again, 2 house moves and its still a superb pine desk, ok it may have a few marks but doesn’t that add to the character.  These pine desks  and pine bureau are available in a number of different stains and wax, antique pine for example.  Owen Pine and Oak also supply oak desks and office furniture.  We always have a number of antique bureau’s and desks in store as well.

Antique Desk


At Owen Pine we hope we can always find you what you are looking for, whether it be a coffee table or a large extending dining table set.  We currently have a sale on our Solid Oak dining range of  ‘SUFFOLK’ which includes tables, chairs, tv units, sideboards, dressers and much more.

Wow did I get to 300 words, not yet.  I guess I’ll get the hang of this.  As it is I better go and put the kids dinner on and direct my husband over the phone along Pilgrims Way as yet again the M25 is solid!  Rather him than me.  Working from home is much more fun!