News from the Farm

  • Antique chest of drawers

    Antique Pine Furniture

    Our antique pine furniture originates from the Victorian era and from all around Europe. Each original piece has been...

  • Pine and Oak Furniture – whats new?

    Sooo 2 weeks to go until my marathon debut in Brighton on the 6th of April.  I have just...

  • Painted Dressers at Owen Pine & Oak

    Painted Dressers and Shabby Chic

    Whoo hoo the sun is shining today.  Training for the Brighton marathon in all this wet weather has almost...

  • MAY_9106_2000_longside

    Networking at Owen Pine and Oak 5th Dec 2013 Mince Pies and Port Tasting

    Networking seems to be the in thing at the moment but a question I would always ask myself before...

  • Sussex Oak Bedroom Range

    50% STOCK CLEARANCE SALE on selected pine and oak furniture

    Yet another month has flown past.  I seem to have been busy settling kids into school and running here...

  • Oak and Pine Tables and Chairs in stock for Christmas and all things Vintage!

    Well August has passed us by and I haven’t written a blog for a month!  Well lets see; we...

  • Pine and Oak; the beauty of natural wood

    Having just spent a week at the coast with the family I was pleasantly surprised not only by the...

  • A glass topped shabby chic bow legged antique table 

    A glass topped shabby chic bow legged antique table