Marathon News

Wow so marathon DONE.  It is a long way!!!

I managed to do it in 4hours and 20 minutes so no shame in that I think.

It was a great day and once again Brighton pulled off a brilliantly well organised event with great crowds and support teams.  My own support team consisted of Mum and Dad at mile 5 and 12 and then Shane and the kids and Uncle Billy and Tania at Mile 16, 20 and 23.  I think I may have cracked at the end had I not known that my family where there to encourage me through the demons talking to me in the last 6 miles.  That’s it for me for the next few years in terms of marathon training.  Maybe the next one when both the kids are at school!

All said and done I did manage to raise £1320 for Breast Cancer Care.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and family that donated and also helped to look after my 2 kids whilst I trained, (you know who you are).  My dad’s hobby is buying old furniture at auction and then restoring it and adding a shabby chic finish to it.  He donated all of his profit over the last 4 months to my Just Giving page, which was a whopping £800.  Dad I can’t thank you enough.

 OK so now the business part.  We are in the middle of our Easter Sale  here in the shop and so far so good.  During our sale periods we reduce all of our stock, both pine, oak and antiques by 10% and also offer 10% off all orders and bespoke pieces.  In addition to this we always have numerous ranges that are discounted further.  Dangle the carrot and all that!   Our Sale must end on Sunday the 27th of April, making way for some new garden furniture pieces that are available to order on a 2 week lead time.

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