Measuring up for a Pine or Oak Dining Table

Confused about what dining table to buy; pine, oak, static or extending.  Let me try and help.

Firstly lets celebrate the coming of spring.  March should see the blooming of some early Daffodils in time for Easter this year.

Spring is also a traditional time for a good clear out and to get the house straight.  We traditionally have a huge sale in our pine and oak furniture retail outlet up at Owen Farm in Kent so I thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to measure up for the perfect size dining table that won’t over power your room.

We stock a huge selection of oak dining tables and pine dining tables but firstly you need to decide if you want a static dining table or an extending dining table.  The way to deicide this is to obviously work out how many people you regularly have round it each day and secondly do you have the room for an extending table.  Many people like the idea of a huge extending table but once extended it means the chairs barely fit around the table and you certainly can’t walk around the table, which isn’t ideal.  We recommend having at least 100cm circulation space around the table.

Consider this large Suffolk Oak Dining Table that is 180cm by 100cm when closed.  Then if you add 8 chairs around it on a day to day basis you have to add another 30-40cm for each chair, thus making the floor space taken up by the table 260cm x 180cm.  Put peoples bottoms on the chairs and your looking at even more space taken up as they relax and push their chairs backwards after a few glasses of wine and good company.  That is quite a large area considering the average living / dining room area is 480cm x 480cm.   Thats all before you’ve even thought about extending the table to accommodate your 12 guests.   This table extends to 255cm x 100cm.

Suffolk Oak Dining Table

Suffolk Oak Dining Table

The best thing to do is to map out the area on the floor at home using either newspaper or masking tape and then it is much easier to visualise how a particular table will fit into the room.

However if you need more help then please bring your room dimensions with you up to the barn showroom and one of our friendly and knowledgeable members of staff will be more than happy to show you all of the possibilities available.  This is all made far less painful over a nice cup of tea and slice of homemade cake from our tea room.  

Tea room at Owen Pine and Oak

£2 for a cuppa and a slice


We pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of oak furniture and pine furniture in Kent and the south east and we go out of our way to make customers feel welcome and at ease when browsing through our extensive barn showroom.  We are slightly off the beaten track but that just adds to the charm of a trip into the Kentish countryside.

There is always someone in the office during opening hours to answer any queries.

See you soon hopefully!