New Dining Table for Christmas anyone?

We know there’s only twenty days left until Christmas but don’t panic! If you are worrying about whether you can get all the family round the dining table at Christmas, worry ye not, we still have plenty available in stock. If you are after an Oak Dining Table we recommend you look at our Vancouver range, we have two options, one extending from 180cm to 260 cm and the other extending from 220cm – 310cm. That should fit a few more cousins and aunties!



The beauty of the Vancouver range is it matches a variety of our dining chairs such as the Wessex Oak Chair, or of course the Vancouver Oak Dining Chair.

You also might want to browse our Pine Dining Tables which come in a range of sizes.

And if you are looking for a wider range of Christmas present ideas why not try our accessories page.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from everyone at Owen Pine!