Our new website – my story!

Whooooop whoop the new website is finally up and running for Owen Pine and Oak.

I thought I’d write a quick blog from a personal point of view and to share my sheer relief that its done.  It was a long 10 months juggling kids, family, animals and running the business.  Both my husband and my children have been very patient as has my long suffering horse that now actually gets ridden and taken to shows with the extra few hours I have each week!

With regards to the website I have learnt some new skills and feel confident in going on to manage our WordPress based site.  I would not have been able to do it without the help of ADMAN in Brighton who project managed the whole thing for me and for Republique Design who built it.   This actually makes it sound like I didn’t do much but ultimately I had to decide on all the designs, arrange photo shoots and then input all of the products one by one; and to say we have a few is an understatement; and there are still plenty to put on.

My main objective for a new website was to get the friendly family run business feeling across whilst not loosing the feeling that we are also one of the leading furniture suppliers of pine and oak furniture in Kent and the South East.  I hope that we have achieved this.


The next aim for me is to get all new business collaterals printed with our fancy new logo on and to try and push our name even further afield in Kent before enjoying a well earned break in Singapore and New Zealand visiting friends and family leaving the business in the old pro hands of director Mrs Holliday!


Jessie @ Owen Pine & Oak Furniture