Oak Dining table sets and our new ‘Tea Room’

A month ago we decided to turn part of our rustic barn showroom into a customers tea room with a kids room attached.

Having 2 young children myself I know how hard it can be shopping for something that needs a well thought through decision; like an oak dining room set

oak dining table

Kent Rustic Dining table and chairs

The 3 year old is zooming his cars up and down expensive oak tables and the 1 year old tripping over her feet every 5th step coming dangerously close to knocking out her 2 beautiful front teeth that have caused mummy many a sleepless night!!

With that in mind we set to work and within a week a wall was removed, a half wall created so that parents can supervise their children in the play room whilst enjoying a cuppa and a slice of home made cake, Dad set to finishing some spectacular vintage pieces to showcase in the tea room, including a beautiful antique dresser and mum dusted off all of her classic cups and saucers.


A friend has kindly offered to draw us a mural on one of the walls of a window scene and so we are nearly done.


Of course Dad couldn’t help himself and sample the tea and cake before the grand opening.




Tea room

The customers tea rooms are set to open this weekend at Owen Pine and Oak where we will also be starting our sale on all pine and oak furniture, with at least a 10% discount off all stock and up to 20% off some ranges, such as the Welland pine bedroom, Milano bedroom and Suffolk dining.   Not forgetting that you still get this discount off orders placed within the sale period and on bespoke items quoted for and ordered within the sale period.

That brings me to a close for this little bit of information on the arrival of the tea rooms at Owen Pine and Oak.  I hope to see you up there some time.