Pine and Oak; the beauty of natural wood

Having just spent a week at the coast with the family I was pleasantly surprised not only by the weather but also by how many small furniture shops have opened up.   I am a true believer in ‘keep it local’ and thoroughly enjoyed browsing in them.  Through small shops such as these hopefully the message of how vintage, shabby chic and modern furniture can be aesthetically placed side by side will start to filter through to the masses!   This is what inspired my latest blog title, ‘….the beauty of natural wood.’

There are many different types of wood that furniture can be made from but here at Owen Pine and oak we specialize in pine and oak, (did our name give it away?).

Pine is a soft fast growing wood and the majority of our pine comes from Europe.  As a result of pine being fast growing and branchy a plank of pine will no doubt have a few knots in it.  Oak is a hard, slow growing wood with a lot of grain to it.  Our oak comes from America and Europe.   Different grades of oak come from different parts of the world and all of our furniture comes from sustainable sources.

Both pine and oak can be finished in a number of ways; waxed, oiled, lacquered and painted.  Waxing enhances the natural beauty of timber, oiling brings out the grain and applying a lacquer protects the wood.  A wash paint finish can also bring out the grain, giving it a subtle seaside or vintage look.  A spray paint finish totally covers the wood but over time the grain will show through.  A particularly popular style at the moment is to have the base painted and leave the top as wood, whether it is pine or oak.  We can offer this in any Farrow and Ball colour.

Painted pine bedside

Painted bedside 

Wood is a beautiful natural product and it has never been more trendy to have a contemporary solid oak dining table in the same room as some vintage or shabby chic.


Contemporary vintage antique

Mixing contemporary and vintage


oak table dresser

Painted oak table and dresser

If you need any help or advice on styling your furniture or choosing the right colour and finish then please do contact us here at Owen Pine and Oak, where we are only too pleased to help.

p.s  Did I mention our new tea room is now open!