Summer at Owen Farm

I can not believe that i havent written a blog post since just after my marathon in April.  Life just flies by hey.  What with 1 thing and another i seem to have just lost track of time.  The young man has successfully finished his first year of school and little Miss has started pre –  school, dare i say i may start to have more time to myself soon – never!

What a glorious british summer we have had and lets hope we continue to have for a few more weeks.  We somehow acquired 2 sock lambs in the spring and so they have kept me busy on their 4 bottles of milk a day! We have since had the hay and the barley cut and harvested; busy busy but a fantastic time of year at Owen Farm.




August sees the start of our huge summer sale whereby we have reduced all of our stock by up to 20%, which includes all of the pine and oak bedroom ranges, oak dining and the antique and shabby chic items.  

We have found that over the years more and more people require a bespoke item to be made in either pine or oak to fit that unusual space and so we are therefore also offering 10% off any quotes that come in.   We are carrying on with donating 10% of all shabby chic and up cycled furniture sales to charity and the charity that we have chosen to support is ‘Crohns and Colitis UK’ as unfortunately it is something that is close to my families heart.   


The latest addition to our stocked ranges is the Malvern Oak Office range that includes a stunning boat shaped bookcase, large desk, filing cabinet and office chair.

Malvern Oak Office Furniture


I have been frantically trying to update our website this summer and i have really enjoyed learning a new skill, (when i have time), and so hopefully soon we will be up and running with a new site that really reflects what we are trying to achieve here at Owen Pine and Oak.

Please remember to recommend us to your friends and family if you can as we rely heavily on word of mouth up here in our picturesque setting on Well Hill in Chelsfield.